Like all of us, Anna has a constant war raging inside her head, with all the different sides to her conscious vying for attention. In Hot Mess we’ll get to see these different sides of Anna’s psyche – from the manic-depressive id, to the self-righteous superego – represented by different animals who each voice a specific point of view.

To find out more and see the Hot Mess primer, “What is a Hot Mess?” click here!

Diana Falzone (you might know her from G4’s Attack of the Show, Cosmo Radio, and Maxim magazine) and Geoff Skinner have teamed up with artist Emily Chan, known for her wonderful Stupidfox webcomic, to debut HOT MESS, based on the real-life challenges Diana lived through while growing up, Hot Mess tells the story of Anna, the “new girl”, who is just trying to make it out of high school intact.

“Each of these animals constantly give their opinions on what Anna should do in all the social situations she encounters,” says Diana. “From confronting the mean girls to how to handle her first love triangle – and they’ll often butt up against one another and fight over who is right. The animals truly represent all the different, sometimes opposing voices that every teen has when it comes to life decisions.”

HOT MESS is a constantly updated webcomic & blog, and we try to pack every strip with drama, humor and tips on how to deal with almost every social situation, all based on Diana’s real-life experiences growing up.  If you have any questions about Hot Mess, or just want to tell us what you think, just email Diana at, or Geoff at


To find out more and see the Hot Mess primer, “What is a Hot Mess?” click here!