Hot Mess is a labor of love created by Geoff Skinner & Diana Falzone with art by Emily Chan.

Reporter, columnist, writer, relationship advice expert, and radio talk show host, Diana Falzone wears many hats, all in service of her passion for helping others.  Check out her website for more information.

Writer/producer Geoff Skinner loves board games, movies set in space, and reading Disney’s “Tangled” comics to his daughter. He also co-wrote the book The Sherlock Legacy with writer and cartoon producer Terry Kalagian.

Emily Chan is a professional artist based in California, who is best known for her hilarious and hugely popular webcomic, Stupidfox.  You can see more of her work on her Instagram, on Deviant Art, and on her webpage.

Christian Beranek is a writer, producer and photographer. She currently calls Albuquerque, New Mexico her home base and celebrates coffee, dinosaurs and rock n’ roll. Check out her work here and here.

Dan Taylor did the original site design, with updates by Veda Elon.  Dan’s home site is here.


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