We’re so happy to be back, and we’re very excited about the changes and updates to the Hot Mess site.  First, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the blog is it’s own section now, separate from the Home Page.  We want the primary focus when you arrive at Hot Mess to be the comic, not our commentary or site updates, hopefully making it an overall better experience.

Next, we’re working on a complete revamp of the “Characters” page, which should be going live soon.  For now, you can still see the head shots of all the main characters and their names.

Finally, we’ve aware of a problem that iOS and Safari users are having leaving comments on the website, and apologize for the inconvenience.  We believe it’s a WordPress issue, but no matter the cause, we’re working on it.

We hope you enjoy this relaunch and revisiting the world of Hot Mess – we remain dedicated to making this an inclusive, diverse, fun, funny destination.

Thank you for reading, and away we go!