Actually, now she’s everyone’s wingman!  I’d like to introduce you all to Diana’s brand new blog “My Wingman Diana“!

On it, Diana takes reader love advice questions and answers them daily.  They had a soft launch of the blog last month, and they’ve really been picking up steam.  So now you know, when Diana’s not here, that’s what she’s doing!

Once a week, we’ll check in over there to give you all a taste of what’s happening.  Today’s advice is all about second chances… and when not to give them!


Dear Diana & Dr. Archer,
I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago because he was unfaithful. Last week he showed up with a date at the restaurant where I worked and specifically asked for me as his waitress. At first I was upset, but decided to handle this professionally and not to show that it bothered me. But then, after dinner he left a rose and a seven-page note for me expressing his undying love and apologizing! What should I do?

Diana Says:

Hi JD,

I can understand your confusion but ask yourself would you ever be able to trust this man again? Read on…