Hi everyone – I’m sure many of you are putting on your Hollywood best in preparation for the Oscars today.  Lots of truly great movies this year – I actually think this is the strongest year in a good long while – and I’ve had the chance to see most of them – even the Best Foreign Film competitors.  What were your favorite films this year?  Or even better, what were your favorite films that DIDN’T get nominated?

Ok, so I won’t do this too often, but it’s only been a hair less than a week, and we already have a giant handful of contest entries!  I thought you might like to check them out.  You can see current entries for Category 1 HERE, and the entries for Category 2 HERE.  As you’ll see, there’s a lot less entries in Category 2, so there’s a huge opportunity for all you talented artists out there to walk away with some great prizes!

You can see the Hot Mess Contest page HERE for a brief rundown on the rules and a link to Emily’s Deviant Art site. Lotsa prizes to give away, and we’d love to see your entry.

That’s it for now; have a great rest of the weekend, and we’ll be back soon with a new strip – Anna’a going on a Mission: Impossible to stop Charlie from revealing what he saw!