I was digging around in the files this weekend, and came across this blast from the past – it’s the first time Emily had drawn the characters together in a group shot. I remember being really happy the first time I saw this. Some of those characters we’ve yet to meet, but we’ll see them soon.

Which characters would you like to see more of? Which of the ones yet-to-be-introduced are you most excited about? You can check out the characters page for their names – though we’re still working on most of their profiles.

Ok, so thanks to you, we’ve shot up in the rankings (we’ve cracked the top 140 as of this writing).  You can help us with our (very modest) goal of breaking the top 100 by just clicking on the button below.  Even if you’ve voted before, remember, you can vote once a day.  

Also, Emily posted an exclusive Scooziecat sketch on Facebook.

And finally, don’t forget there’s still plenty of time to enter the Contest… take a look at Category 1 (personal avatars) and Category 2 (riffs on the Hot Mess characters)!   We’d love to see your entry!

Have a great weekend!