My favorite part of a long week is when I get to step back and actually evaluate how tired I actually am.  It’s always at that very first moment, when things calm down just enough, that I self-evaluate and really take stock of how much energy – both mental and physical – I have left.  Quite often I find that when I reach that point I’m running on fumes, and the only thing I have left in me is to get together with friends and unwind.

Here’re two of the most draining periods in my life: Final exams weeks (all 8 times I went through that in college); the first TV production I worked on (3 weeks of 18 hour days, no days off, and I lived on set and never went home.  It was like summer camp, but without the outdoors part).

I’m sure there are many more I’m not thinking about.  What about you guys?  How did you recoup?

About the strip schedule:  Yes!  Look, it’s a new strip!  Also, I have more good news.  There are 2 more strips completed and scheduled, so there’s no way they won’t be on time.  In addition, I have three more that simply need to be lettered.  So we *should* have six weeks of an uninterrupted schedule!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to get these up or thank you all enough for continuing to check us out.  We love making Hot Mess, and though we can’t do it as quickly as we’d like, we intend on making the comic well into the future.

Again, much thanks, and without a doubt we’ll see you soon!