In place of your regular Funday Sunday update, we’re proud to post the first in a series of Hot Mess Pinups!  We’re working with a number of different webcomic artists to bring their unique visions to Hot Mess in special pinup panels, and we thought what better way to kick off than with a scene by our very own Emily Chan!  We’re having fun with these, and our hope is that you’ll like the variety of art so much, you’ll end up checking out the webcomics by our guest artists.

Those of you who “like” us on Facebook will have already seen this picture, as Emily debuted it over there a few weeks ago.  We’re going to use Facebook to occasionally premiere art and behind-the-scenes material.  Some of it might trickle over here, while other bits will remain exclusive to Facebook.  So, if you like what we’re doing here, please feel free to “Like” us and stay in touch!

Ok, that’s it for now.  We’ll be back this week with new strips, so see you then!