Welcome to the fourth Hot Mess Pinup! And before you say it, yes we know we’re behind on the strips, and yes, we’re absolutely working to increase our speed. What do you guys think – should we post when we have them, or take a longer hiatus, and stock up a war chest so that we can post on a regular schedule in the future? In any case, thank you all for continuing to read!

This pinup is by the incredible artist Jason Banditt Adams (also here, and here!). Jason’s been a professionsal artists and designer for over 12 years, with his feet firmly planted in the realms of scifi, gaming and fantasy. I’ve been following his comic Rogue’s Gallery since it’s inception, and I think he’s got a great sense of style and spatial design.

So, when I asked him for a Hot Mess Pinup and he accepted, I was ecstatic. I was thinking that his experience with the fantastical would lend itself to a “what if the animals (especially Momur, the dragon) were real” scenario. But as always, the artists I work with always surprise me by going in unexpected directions. In this case, Jason brought Anna’s inner voices into the physical world by way of making them stuffed animals. Very clever, Jason! And it made for a very cute and sweet pinup.

Hope you guys like it!