It’s Day 5 of the Hot Mess Week of Winners, and this one’s a doozy. We loved lots of entries in this category, but only had two prizes to give. It was a tough problem, so we decided to honor six runners up!

Before we get to the winners, here’s a few links to the other winning art we’ve announced:

Honorable Mentions
First & Second Place

Honorable Mentions
First & Second Place

Remember, to see the full resolution versions of these entries along with the artist notes for each, click through the pictures below:

What better way to start than with an old to Emo Bunny himself, Slumper. The piece is called “Smile Slumper Smileee” and it’s by HTFbyOTTO:

Next is a fun peek inside the head of Anna’s friend Ashley in “Hot Mess-Ashley” by MWRuuRuu:

Then we have an Untitled piece by Pochi-Saku-Hime. Very cool concept.

The next Honorary Mention is a look inside the head of the person who seems determined to ruin Anna’s life.  It’s “Bethenny De Luca” by Pota-toes.  Not quite as scary in there as I’d have imagined 🙂

xMidniteStarz has a very cool, original take on the voices in Anna’s head in her great piece, “The Hot Mess Crew“.  I for one have definitely known a person or two like Slumper.  And probably a few Fribbles as well.

And rounding out the Honorary Mentions is this colorful work from Cherrysamachan called simply, “One Hot Mess“.  Momur looks like Pete’s Dragon – way cool.

Congratulations to them all for their outstanding entries!

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