Hi Everyone, Geoff here with a couple of site updates.

First, thank you all again for continuing to vote for us over at TopWebcomicsHot Mess topped out at #68 last month and with your help, I think we can do better.

Now on to the important business:  I want to announce that I’m going to be writing a semi-regular blog series called HOW TO MAKE A WEBCOMIC where I’m going to share the things I’ve learned working on Hot Mess.  It’ll be a open look into the process of creating and maintaining a comic site, and aimed to help anyone who is thinking of putting their toes in the water get to the point where they’re ready to jump in.  It will be my own personal guidebook to the world of webcomics.

My honest hope is that first-time creators out there can use my posts as a tool to help you avoid the many (oh so many) pitfalls that I feel into to – or at least be aware of them – as well as highlight some of the successful paths I took.  If nothing else, I think it will get your brain going and get you excited about creating your masterpiece.  I love this medium, and I do think it’s the future of comics.  There’s no better time to start one up than right now – everyone has an equal chance to get their work out there and seen!

I’m thinking this series will be at least 13 parts long (I know, right?  Who knew there was so much to think about when making a funny-book?), and my plan is to have the first one post next Friday, then weekly after that.

So, we’ll see you next week with new strips, and this Sunday will be a Funday!