This isn’t the big pug post I had wanted to write today, but it’ll do for now.  Last week after writing Pug Off! I ran a quick search and found a delightful surprise – someone had already written a book on the subject:

I don’t know much about it’s author Dave Kellet, but after I tracked down a copy of his PUGS: God’s Little Weirdos, I can tell you he’s an incredibly talented and insightful writer/illustrator with a wicked funny bone.  I think every panel contains a “pug-ism” with which I am intimately familiar – and often Kellet turned it on it’s head and made me laugh.

The book itself isn’t self-contained, but rather a compilation of Pug-related strips that are pulled from his daily webcomic, Sheldon.  As a whole, they work well, and while I don’t know if they were put in chronological order the ordering and flow kept a nice pace.

You can order, or just check out a few sample pages, here, and if you own a pug, this is absolutely a must have.