Here’s a little Q & A with the grand prize winner of the very first Hot Mess Art Contest!
HOT MESS:  How did you first find out about Hot Mess?
NEISHA LOCKWOOD:  I caught a link to it from Emily Chan’s blog on DeviantArt.
HM:  Nice!  We LOVE StupidFox. So, after checking out the comic, what made you want to enter the contest?
NL:  I read the comic and realized that I seriously identify with Anna – even though I have never been the “new kid,” I have always been an outsider. I love the characters and their personalities, so I wanted to show that even if I didn’t win!
HM:  So, what’s your overall goal as an artist?
NL:  I have never thought about that actually. I really just love art and expressing myself through art.
HM:  Ok, so as an artist, what would be your dream project to work on?
NL:  I actually have had this crazy idea to modify a bunch of mannequins for a while now…
HM:  Ha, that sounds cool – I think I know what you’re next contest entry will be!  So who is your favorite Hot Mess character?
NL:  Definitely Scooziecat!
MH:  Why is that?
NL:  He is sort of the voice of reason and reality in Anna’s world and I relate most to him.  And he is super cute.
HM:  Do you think of yourself as a Hot Mess?
NL:  Oh, for sure. I will be the first to admit that I have quite a few screws loose – or missing entirely. 😀

HM:  Well, congratulations and thank you again for checking out the site – we’re working hard to get you, and everyone else who clicks over more content than ever before… as well as a soon to be announced second art contest!