You all may remember these posts about my love of all things scary: The Horror of Colony 6 and The Watcher of Yaathagggu.

Well, now I’ve found the perfect Webcomic that combines all the aspects of my horror-love in an incredibly funny package.

PARA ABNORMAL by writer/artist Dave Lowe is in turns funny, biting, bitey (with the zombies and vamps and all), clever, scary, witty, and very very satisfying.  It definitely gives me my fix of absurdest Halloween humor.  When I first starting reading PARA ABNORMAL about a year ago (he’s been plugging away at the comic since 2008) I thought of it as a macabre Far Side.  It shares a lot of features with that classic strip – absurdest humor, recurring characters and themes, fantastic aesthetic style, and a consistent vision and tone.  But I also liked that Dave experiments with mixed media and never limits the potential of his comic.

He updates very frequently, and coolest of all, he updates daily during the month of October!

So, check out a couple of samples below, click through to his site if you like them, or if you want to jump the gun, just click here to visit Para Abnormal!

Headless Gothic

Damian Protest

Van Meyers

More Trick Than Treat!