It seems every day there is a new Hollywood starlet who is exposed… literally… to the world due to pictures of a very private nature being leaked.  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the most likely culprit sharing the pics are the guys receiving (or even taking) them.

I would love to say to all the girls out there: “Just don’t sext,” and let that be that, but in this highly digital world today where everyone (even my grandmother) has a phone on her camera, I know that’s not reality.  It’s just so… there.  And easy.  And the temptation to experiment is really tough to fight sometimes.

Some of you will ignore my advice with comments like, “Ummm, look at Vanessa Hudgens or Rihanna?” It’s true, today starlets can live down unexpected indecent exposure incidents, frankly because they seem to be so commonplace.   After all, we live in a media culture where pretty much all press is good press – a very sad truth.  Most of you will not grow up to be pop stars or actresses but I believe most of you will go on to college and/or follow your career dreams. With the constant access to information on everyone you can imagine, it’s so important to think before you sext.  Always remember: The internet is forever. Literally.

Plus, do you really think Vanessa wanted her privacy violated in that way?

I get the allure of sending a sexy pic, but what happens when the guy you were in love with for five minutes turns out to be a jerk (and possibly worse) and shares something you valued as sacred?!   The ramifications can be felt when you apply to school or a job years down the line. Keep personal private.