Have you guys heard of Kickstarter? It’s one of those sites where indie projects – from films to comics to cookbooks – go to crowd source the fundraising. A very cool idea that helps creators get their passion projects off the ground.

Friend of the site, Christian Beranek is currently using Kickstarter to raise the finishing money for a wonderful project he’s been working on for over five years called UNHAPPY WHITE GIRLS. It’s a fantastic drama set in a very small town in New Mexico, and itdeals with a lot of the same issues as Hot Mess, but in a very different and unique way.

I’ve embedded Christian’s pitch for the project below (here as well), and if you like what you see, I encourage that you click through a consider donating a few bucks to the finished project. He’s got some really cool incentives to give out to those who donate, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.