Hi everyone, Geoff here.

So it’s been a pretty great week.  We launched the comic, we had an amazing launch party, and we’ve had some really great comments here on the site.  Thanks to all of you for coming to check us out.

But we’re not done yet!

We’ve got a lot of plans up our sleeves in the near future for the site and for the comic.

First, we’ll be updating the character bio page, one by one.  You’ll get the scoop on all the characters in the Hot Mess world, and what each of the Hot Mess animals are all about.  They each have their own individual personalities and points of view, and I can’t wait to share them with you.  We’ll also be featuring each character and animal in an on-going “Spotlight on…” series… coming soon in the blog.

Next, we’re going to do special posts by our amazing artist Emily Chan, and you’ll get a peek into how the art of Hot Mess came to be with exclusive sketches, character designs, and some original poster work.  This is stuff I haven’t even seen yet!

Also, once we get rolling, Diana – who is a noted relationship expert – will be available to you to answer your lovelife questions.  We’re going to do our best to answer everyone, and some of the questions will even be featured in special “Ask Diana” posts.

Anything else?  Well… we’ll always announce when we’re appearing at conventions and other signings, and we’re always open to suggestions, so please, if you have any ideas that you’d like us to try, let us know!

Thanks for making this such a great first week, and I hope you guys stick around for the ride.  We’ve got a ton of plans for Anna, her animals, and the Hot Mess crew, so I promise it’ll be worth it.

Have a great holiday weekend (for those in the U.S.), and we’ll see you next week with two brand new strips!

And below, here’s a sneak peek at Emily’s sketch book.  It’s the design sketch for our favorite sad sack: Slumper.